Rene Culler  
About the Artist
Abstract Anthropomorphic Sculpture
Common Objects As Metaphor
The Importance of Process in the Work
My Methodology in Glass Sculpture
The Effect of Light
Sources of Inspiration
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Rene Culler creates architectural glass installations and work for the wall, glass sculptures, and blown glass. You will find "Grail Variations" from Rene's abstract anthropomorphic sculpture series, in which common metaphorical objects suggest thoughts, feelings and the journey to self-refinement. The importance of process in her work, the effect of light as it is absorbed and transmitted through the glass resulting in such effects as translucency and textural glass, are explored in her sources of inspiration and visually defined throughout this site.

For more information on sculpture and blown glass, commissions, classes and workshops, please contact Rene Culler.

Rene Culler